A particularly intellectual guy I know is a big evangelist for Augmented Reality (AR). He’s currently working on a setup which he hopes to sell to retailers, offering to guide customers straight in through their front door and right up to the merchandising. The technical side of this is kinda interesting, particularly the short-range stuff, but I’m convinced that the whole thing’s actually doomed.

Why? Well, this isn’t going to help. Nor this. Nor this.

I used to have a ‘smartphone’. I traded it in for a heavy-duty construction worker’s type cellphone with a long-range antenna. The reason for this was that I figured out that it was called a ‘smartphone’ because it expected to be smarter than I am.



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The British had a referendum on EU membership, which the powers that be, despite lots of cheating, lost. Now butthurt ‘progressives’ are demanding a rerun, under their rules, and have a petition going about it.

Those who believe that democracy should do, as the British always put it, “what it says on the tin”, have got up a petition of their own, requiring the government to implement article 50 of the Lisbon treaty without any further delay.

The weird thing is that there seems to be only one ‘remain’ petition, which is now claimed by leftist media to exceed 2.5 million signatures (presumably including the script-generated ones from the Vatican and Antarctica), while there are several ‘invoke article 50 now’ petitions (the official government one, thepetitionsite, gopetition,, etc. etc.).

My suspicion is that all of these alternative petitions have been put up by the ‘remain’ people, in the hope of reducing the number of ‘leave’ signatures in the ‘official’ petition.

Not that any of this is going to make much difference to the inevitable outcome.

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Or not. My guess is that the unique Mr. Erdogan, smarter than the average bear, allowed these poor fools to think they’d get away with it, and will now have all the justification he ever needed to slaughter every last one of his political opponents (i.e. all those people who can still remember what Mustapha Kemal stood for) and build his Muslim empire, which will last for a thousand years (‘or the duration, whichever is the longer…’).

Rather like Margaret Thatcher’s duping the idiot Galtieri into thinking the British wouldn’t care about the Falklands, letting him invade, suddenly changing her mind and giving him what the British army, I’m told, calls ‘a thorough shoeing’, then neatly winning an election on the strength of this result.



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There’s this Ms (I guess that’s probably not the right form of address any more, but what the hell) Ashleigh Shackelford who takes exception to white people turning up to her demonstrations, because their presence is ‘triggering’.

I’ve seen comments on this story elsewhere which are really unsympathetic to her position, saying that maybe some white people might turn up anyway, and do some triggering of their own.

Since it’s so clear that the enduring legacy of the first black President is going to be the race war, what odds will we give on Hillary’s first term (once the inconvenient Trump is shot) resulting in a sex strike, like in Lysistrata?

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I know this peculiar old man. He says that in the last three places he worked, he was nicknamed ‘Dr. Strangelove’. He claims to be basically a nuclear physicist, but he knows all kinds of odd people (including a ‘rude, cheeky, greedy and incompetent’ subcontractor hired by the computer firm he worked for in the 1970s – name of Gates) and very odd things. And he wears those 1950s Ray-Bans, which make him look very much like the mad scientist in Repo Man.

He says that according to some great philosopher ‘blackmail’ is a nasty word, but not as nasty as ‘phlegm’.

His modest proposal for dealing with the present terrorist crisis went roughly like this.

“We get hold of the Saudis and we say to them, in public, ‘Are you, as you so often claim, really the leaders of the Islamic world, being the guardians of the holy places of Islam?’

“‘Of course we are,’ they will reply.

“‘In that case,’ we then say, ‘Here are our terms. The very next time that a single civilised person is killed by an Islamic terrorist, whether upon your direct orders or not, the city of al-Madinah will immediately be destroyed by the airburst of a small thermonuclear explosive device.'”

“‘Furthermore,’ we go on, ‘Upon the occasion after that, the city of Meccah will eventually be destroyed in the same way, but not until the middle of the next hajj.'”

The consequences of such an ultimatum being quite clear, I pointed out that the Russians probably wouldn’t like any of this very much.

“We have,” he replied, donning a pair of those little half-moon type spectacles over which one can peer academically, “Far more in common with the Soviet Union Russians than with the Arabs. Moreover, there would of course be no question of anything strategic happening; it’s not as though anyone were about to invade Saudi Arabia, or seize any oilfields, or anything like that; Saudi government would continue in Riyadh and Jeddah; the royal family would remain undisturbed, and so forth. It’s not really even a proper act of war – merely one of the most utterly crass vandalism and very large scale mass murder, to both of which concepts one would suppose that the Islamic zealots might by now be quite well accustomed. An eye for an eye, as it is written. Provided we kept the yields below, shall we say, 100kT, I imagine we’d get clean away with it.”



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I hate the loathsome, patronising, pseudopsychological use, invariably by creeps, of the word ‘need’ to mean ‘ought’, and the next sneery young double-glazing salesman who tries it on me will be left in a worse state than the last. Let this stand as a warning.


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Nobody has so far made any claims of reponsibility for the terrorist attack in Nice – or, if they have, then they’re not being reported.

Faced with yet more evidence, the globalist élites will double down. The evidence will be vigorously concealed, and those who remark unkindly upon the perpetrator’s (or perpetrators’, we don’t know yet)  motives will be severely punished.

Anxious that, despite everything, all planned railroading should still run to schedule, the engineer will lash down the safety valve just a tad tighter.

Here in England, where they invented the safety valve, they also invented this problem, at least forty years ago, and have been severely punishing unkind remarkers ever since, particularly those coming to the attention of the state propaganda service.

A cursory study of locomotive boiler explosions (as distinguished from mere ‘crown sheet failures’, don’t y’know) reveals that they are particularly destructive. In one case the half-ton steam dome of an exploding loco flew about a quarter of a mile, landing on the far side of a major river.

Despite ruling-class bleatings about ‘racist backlash’, it would appear from what I’ve been reading that most people lay the blame for this sort of atrocity not upon hopeless, brainwashed young men manipulated and controlled by malignant priests, nor yet upon their sinister sugar-daddies and programmers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but squarely upon the politicians and their crew who, for decades, and absolutely for their own reasons, set up this whole deal, kept on letting it happen and covering it up, and whipped the ass of anyone who uttered a word about it.

One of the things that makes me very proud of how the British people recently ignored all the bullshit and voted down their oppressors in huge enough numbers to more than cancel out all the fraud is the inability of BBC announcers (most now trying, without adequate rehearsal, to do Northern English accents as ordered) to keep the quaver of fear out of their voices.

They know it’s the TV station that usually goes first.



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