The radio is reporting that two guys tried to abduct a member of the air force who was running round an airbase from which anti-Islamic State airstrikes have been carried out, and that the police say that terrorism ‘cannot be ruled out’.

Doubtless this is the famous English habit of weapons-grade understatement.

It also said that the air force had told its people to maintain a low profile and not to wear anything off the base which identifies them.

Doubtless this is the infamous English habit of absolutely refusing to face facts.

All I can say is, if it were my air force, they sure as hell would wear things which identified them when off the base, and they’d be sidearms at a minimum. Also I’d ban those MP3 players; you can’t hear yourself being snuck up on. And nobody gets to go off the base alone, including women and children. And some other stuff that I haven’t thought up yet.

No way would armed forces personnel ever be ordered to sneak around in their own country in what amounts to disguise, as though they had no right even to be there.

If there’s one thing worse than siege, it’s surrender!



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I am not really a small white cat nearly 40 years old. That would be silly.
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