Isn’t it cute how some things just happen to get an appropriate name?

I have just had to switch off the BBC again. I don’t know how anyone can bear it. It’s so much worse even than CNN. I guess it must be acclimatisation, the boiling frog thing.

Anyway, they were kissing serious ass. Isn’t it wonderful, they schmoozed, how President Erdogan (they never mentioned him without his title) managed to escape alive from the deadly coup attempt? Isn’t it convenient for him that he can now reinstitute the death penalty, massacre tens of thousands of opponents, then abolish the death penalty again just in time to be welcomed into the European Union? Aren’t we tolerant and inclusive, politely never mentioning Mustafa Kemal or the secular Turkish constitution?

I still maintain that the ‘coup’ was a trick to draw Erdogan’s opponents out of cover, and that it has almost certainly got the blessing of the European Union and its English mouthpiece, the BBC.

Why the nations of Europe have decided upon suicide-by-Islam is beyond me, but actively encouraging Erdogan to see himself as one of the contenders for ‘Leader of the Islamic World’ is certainly a logical and consistent step in that direction.


About Catherine White

I am not really a small white cat nearly 40 years old. That would be silly.
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