Why in tarnation are the English obsessed with Meerkats?

It is not possible to go into a general store of any size here in England without encountering effigies of these little mongoose type creatures. The garden centers are the worst.

Meerkats sitting, standing, posing; meerkats wearing hats, pushing wheelbarrows, holding up solar powered lights; meerkats playing soccer. So far I haven’t seen one with a top hat smoking a cigar, nor yet one with dreadlocks smoking a joint, but I guess it’s only a matter of time.

There was a long-running TV ad here (for what, I never quite figured out) that involved some talking meerkats; for some reason, despite ‘allegedly’ coming from southern Africa, they spoke with what sounded like Polish accents, or maybe Estonian or something like that, but please don’t quote me. I still haven’t quite got alongside the fact that in England it’s easier to talk in English to someone from north-east India than it is to talk in English to someone from north-east England.

There’s still an ad on the radio with these distinctive voiceovers (Lithuanian, maybe? Latvian?) and I believe everyone’s just expected to understand that they’re supposed to be meerkats.

I just don’t get it. According to Wikipedia, they don’t even make good pets.


About Catherine White

I am not really a small white cat nearly 40 years old. That would be silly.
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