Vox Day on the orc invasions. He concludes.

That sound you hear in the distance is Charles Martel sharpening his sword.

But who is Charles Martel?

Not the politico-managerial élite. They caused all this, maybe forty or fifty years ago, and have doubled down ever since rather than admit that they were ever wrong.

Not the armed forces. They’re scattered round the planet, indulging in expensive, counterproductive theatrical performances scriptwritten by the politico-managerial élite.

Not the police. They’ve got problems of their own now.

Not the people, the dumbed-down, dependent, infantilised, scared , disarmed, defenceless people.

Who will save civilisation?

Perhaps it is Vox Day himself. He or his crew, in the original sense, the complement of the ship under his command.

No man yields who flies in my ship. [Sinfield: Karn Evil 9, Third Impression]

Perhaps, like the US 7th Cavalry, the ship will arrive in the nick of time.


About Catherine White

I am not really a small white cat nearly 40 years old. That would be silly.
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